Adventure to Bangalow Show

Bangalow show is this weekend. Jason and I will probably go together. I will see dad and some of my friends because they work there. Bangalore Show is a little bit smaller than Lismore. I will probably go on some rides and win prizes. I

Eat hot chips and fairy floss which will be gone by the time I leave the show. It the last show of the year.


It’s a beautiful day and we are sitting just outside an aboriginal bora ring. There are nice tall trees and in the distance I can see jacarandas. You can hear the wind blowing in the tree branches and you can hear the crickets buzzing around. A crow in the distance is calling for his mates.

This place reminds me of the Dreamtime story of how the birds got their colours.
There was a bird and he was very hungry so he went to find some food. As he did he stood on a stick and pierced his foot. He was very upset. The other birds gathered around him but the crow stood back and just watched. Then a parrot came along and with his sharp beak he pierced the birds sore foot and out came a burst of colour.the colours went all over the birds. Some were covered in rainbows and some were in spots and some were stripes. This is how birds got their colour.

I really enjoy Dreamtime stories because they tell really good stories and explain the hangs in a fantastic way.

A little friend came and watched while I wrote my story


Lismore show

It’s the time of Lismore Show again and I will be going every day. 

My family will be working there in the Sideshow Alley where people play games and win prizes. 

I will go on some rides like the Wizzer, dodgems, And Cyber Party. I’ll watch the circus which is always fun and has people doing all sorts of tricks. Sometimes they have a fire show too. I will buy showbags, maybe 2 or 4 and will eat dagwood dogs and chips and maybe some fairy floss. I will walk around and look at all of the different activities in the show ground and the pavilions.  I’ll see speedway cars and monster trucks.

Best of all I will get to hang out with my friends.


One day I went to the marine park called Dolphin Magic. I was lucky enough to get to swim with the dolphins. I played with them in the water and they did tricks. They swam through the hoops and did back flips.  My favorite one was called Marisa I fed her some fdolphin food and my hand smelt like fish.

Aftwerwards we watched the dolphin show and people got splashed.

A dolphin kissed my hand The end 


The Rainforest

It was a beautiful sunny day so I wanted to go into the rainforest. I asked some friends if they were interested in coming but they all said no so I went by myself.

While I was walking I saw a koala and it had a baby on its back. It was so cute and cuddly looking like a teddy bear. I wanted to take the baby koala home to show my friends but I thought I can’t take the koala home with me so I took a picture. I found some gum leaves and gave them to the mummy koala who looked very happy.


I kept walking and found a bench so I sat down and had something to eat. I saw a Blue Tongue lizard, he was poking his tongue in and out and he looked kind of silly so I decided to do it too.

As I left the forest I knew I would be back soon.

the end