A story by Katie based on actual events.

Today I went to the dentist to have a tooth checked. While I was there they said that it had to come out. They took an X-ray and talked to me about it coming out and I said “OK, I’ll give it a go.”.

They put needles in my gums to numb my mouth. They hurt a little bit.

Once the anesthetic was working they pulled the tooth out and put guaze in my mouth to stop the bleeding.

I was very brave and proud of myself. 

Fruit purĂ©e and mashed potato for dinner but at least I’m not on a waiting list.

🙂 Katie


Rollin’ in the Goldie

(A story by Katie)

One day Jason and I went to the Gold Coast for the day. We went to a concert to see Grease Lightning. During the show Jason said,

    “Would you like a beer?”

I said,

    “No thank you but can you get me a cruiser?”

When Jason eventually came back he said he had booked a room for the night. We stayed at Jupiters. The room was amazing, it had a spa, a giant TV, and a really great view of the ocean.

Outside there was old vintage cars so we chatted with some of the owners. One of the cars I really liked I wanted but didn’t have the money. The owner of the car said,

    “Would you like to go for a drive?”

    “Yes please!!!!”, I said.

He took us for a big drive around the Gold Coast which made a great day perfect.


My First Sewing Lesson! 

I started sewing lessons with Jennifer at Miss Mildred in the Starcourt Arcade today. I’m making a sewing bag to keep all my sewing gear in. It’s bright purple colours and all of the other colours that are purples best friends! 

My favourite bit was doing straight stitch.